The Book

The Speakeasy Dollhouse book is a work in progress. 
Publishers may contact Jennifer Laughran at Andrea Brown Literary Agency for more information.

The story below is from the limited edition prologue funded by Kickstarter.

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He ran an ice delivery business in the Bronx, and someone owed him money.

He needed the money because he had four children and his wife was pregnant.

So he grabbed his coat and went to collect the debt. He took his twelve-year-old son, Dominick, with him.

They unlocked the door and let him into the apartment.

But before he could finish taking off his coat…
…he was shot. He couldn’t defend himself because his arms were stuck in his sleeves.

He died.

When Grandma found out, she fell down and went into a long sleep.
Two days later, Grandpa’s coffin was being carried into their apartment when the man who carried it tripped and fell, and dropped the coffin right on the ground!
My mother says that Grandpa’s ghost tripped him.
The sound of the coffin hitting the floor woke Grandma up. Her baby started to come out.
In the living room, my grandfather’s body was laid out in his coffin…
…and in the bedroom next to it my mother was born.


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The book has completely sold out of two pressings and is currently only available as a download. The printing was funded by Kickstarter

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